Mitochondrial function is a contributing, but not necessarily essential factor to lower the levels of triglycerides in plasma, according to Carine Lindquist‘s PhD thesis.


  1. 1-triple TTA reduces triglyceride levels in plasma as a result of increased hepatic mitochondrial oxidation.
  2. 1-triple TTA reduces triglyceride levels in plasma even when levels of L-carnitine are low.
  3. 1-triple TTA probably influences triglyceride clearance and biosynthesis.


Thesis: Mitochondrial function in the regulation of plasma and liver triacylglycerols
Candidate: Carine Lindquist
Time: April 27, 2018 at 11:15
Place: Univeristy of Bergen: BB-building, Auditorium 1
Link to university website (in Norwegian)


(1) Rats fed for three weeks with 2-(tridec-12-yn-1-ylthio)acetic acid (1-triple TTA) had a five-fold increase of hepatic mitochondrial oxidation of fatty acids. Triglyceride levels in both plasma and liver decreased substantially, probably as a consequence of downregulated APOC-III and upregulated LPL and the VLDL receptor.

(2) L-carnitine is important for the catabolism of long-chain fatty acids in the mitochondria, but Lindquists second study shows that 1-triple TTA increases mitochondrial fatty acid oxidation even when L-carnitine levels are low. The results indicate that 1-triple TTA also influences changes in plasma clearance and reduced biosynthesis of triglycerides.


(1) Lindquist, C., Bjørndal, B., Rossmann, C. R., Tusubira, D., Svardal, A., Røsland, G. V., Tronstad, K. J., Hallström,, S., & Berge, R. K. (2017). Increased hepatic mitochondrial FA oxidation reduces plasma and liver TG levels and is associated with regulation of UCPs and APOC-III in ratsJournal of lipid research58(7), 1362-1373.

(2) Lindquist, C., Bjørndal, B., Rossmann, C. R., Svardal, A., Hallström, S., & Berge, R. K. (2018). A fatty acid analogue targeting mitochondria exerts a plasma triacylglycerol lowering effect in rats with impaired carnitine biosynthesisPloS one13(3), e0194978.

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