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Members have priority at NORHEART events, can apply for travel and exchange grants, and receive newsletters and e-mail updates on key events within cardiovascular research worldwide. The membership is free of charge.

NORHEART Newsletter

Members will receive monthly newsletter and other information by e-mail, so you need to register your e-mail address.

Member profile

All information you register when applying for membership (except phone number) will be available on the Members-page to promote collaboration and networking.

NORHEART processes personal information to invite members to attend seminars and courses. If you no longer wish to be a member, you can delete your profile from the Edit profile-page.

The use of cookies at

The use of cookies is regulated by the Electronic Communications Act §2-7b (in Norwegian).

The use of cookies is not permitted unless the user has been informed and has agreed to the following:

• what information is being processed
• what purpose does the processing of this information have
• who processes the information

Below you will find a list about NORHEART’s use of cookies.
By being on the NORHEART web site, you are consenting to cookies in your browser.

Purpose of using cookies

Cookies are used for Log in and managing the web site.

NORHEART collects statistics about how this website is being used to improve and develop our site. We do this by collecting cookies.

NORHEART uses the following cookies


  • p.gif – Keeps track of special fonts used on the website for internal analysis. The cookie does not register any visitor data.
  • statisticsUUID – To store number of unique visitors on the site, but we are not able to retrieve personal data with this ID.


If you have questions regarding privacy regulations or other subjects pertaining to privacy, please e- mail Webmaster.




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