Irene Valaker has found several points of concern in the continuity of care after percutaneous coronary intervention.


  1. Patients with coronary artery disease are satisfied with the PCI procedure.

  2. Patients are not satisfied with follow-up after the PCI procedure.

  3. Patients have limited knowledge about treatment and lifestyle advices after PCI.


Thesis: Continuity of care across care levels in patients undergoing percutaneous coronary intervention
Candidate: Irene Valaker
Time: November 29, 2019 at 12:15
Place: Haukeland University Hospital, BB-building: Auditorium 4
Link to university website (in Norwegian)


(1/3) Valaker and colleagues interviewed a total of 22 patients who had received PCI six to eight weeks earlier. The patients were satisfied with the treatment, but reported lack of information and uncertainty about life after they returned home from the hospital. Those who participated in organized cardiac rehabilitation were most satisfied, but there were patients who had not been informed that such an offer existed. Some patients had not been to their general practitioner after the treatment. Results from a cohort study of 1318 patients also confirm the results from the interview study.

(2) Valaker and co-workers translated the Heart Continuity of Care Questionnaire to Norwegian. They then found it valid for use among Norwegian patients following PCI. The results are based on 436 replies from patients 2 months after the procedure, and also indicate that patients have limited knowledge about medical treatment, lifestyle modification and follow-up after PCI.


(1) Valaker, I., Norekvål, T. M., Råholm, M. B., Nordrehaug, J. E., Rotevatn, S., Fridlund, B., & CONCARD Investigators. (2017). Continuity of care after percutaneous coronary intervention: The patient’s perspective across secondary and primary care settingsEuropean Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing16(5), 444-452.

(2) Valaker, I., Fridlund, B., Wentzel-Larsen, T., Hadjistavropoulos, H., Nordrehaug, J. E., Rotevatn, S., Råholm, M.-B., Norekvål, T. M., & CONCARD Investigators. (2019). Adaptation and psychometric properties of the Norwegian version of the heart continuity of care questionnaire (HCCQ). BMC medical research methodology19(1), 62.

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