Bernt Harald Helleberg‘s PhD thesis is based on the Trondheim Early Neurological Deterioration Study, and indicates that even transitory neurological deteroriation following ischemic stroke impacts outcome negatively.


  1. There was a strong association between early neurological deterioration and worse outcome in patients suffering from ischemic stroke.
  2. Even transitory deterioration doubled the likelihood of poor prognosis compared to stable patients.


Thesis: Trondheim Early Neurological Deterioration study: Detection and predictors of Early Neurological Deterioration after ischemic stroke
Candidate: Bernt Harald Helleberg
Time: January 24, 2018 at 12:15
Place: Medical Technical Research Centre, St. Olavs Hospital: Auditorium MTA
Link to university website (in Norwegian)


(1) The Trondheim Early Neurological Deterioration Study includes 368 patients with acute ischemic stroke. The study has several aims, including assessment of the relation between early neurological deterioration and functional level at three months post stroke. Other aims are to identify factors and mechanisms associated with such deteriotation, and to compare the different definitions of early neurological deterioration in the Scandinavian Stroke Scale and the National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale.

(2) So far, only the outcome study has been published in addition to the study protocol. The results show 34 times higher risk of death or dependency three months after stroke in the 14 % patients who suffered from early neurological deterioration. Furthermore, in the 28 % who experienced transitory episodes of deterioration, the risk was doubled compared to stable patients. The neurological function of each patient was assessed 12 times during the first 72 hours.


(1) Helleberg, B. H., Ellekjær, H., Rohweder, G., & Indredavik, B. (2014). Mechanisms, predictors and clinical impact of early neurological deterioration: the protocol of the Trondheim early neurological deterioration study. BMC neurology, 14(1), 201.

(2) Helleberg, B. H., Ellekjaer, H., & Indredavik, B. (2016). Outcomes after Early Neurological Deterioration and Transitory Deterioration in Acute Ischemic Stroke PatientsCerebrovascular Diseases42(5-6), 378-386.

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