By use of Mendelian Randomization, Gunn-Helen Øiseth Moen has examined whether vitamin B12 is likely to causally affect the risk of cardiometabolic disease.


  1. Vitamin B12 does probably not have a causal effect on most cardiovascular risk factors or disease.


Thesis: Genetic and environmental etiology of glucose metabolism and cardiometabolic traits during pregnancy and in later life
Candidate: Gunn-Helen Øiseth Moen
Time: February 27 at 12:15
Place: University of Oslo, Domus Academica: Gamle festsal
Link to university website


(1) Vitamin B12 is not likely to causally affect the levels of most cardiovascular risk factors or the risk of coronary heart disease or type 2 diabetes. However, B12 could have a causal effect on fasting glucose and β cell function.

The Mendelian Randomization analyses include up to 340,000 individuals and 11 genetic variants asssociated with the levels of vitamin B12. Øien and co-workers looked at a total of 15 outcomes, including body composition, blood lipids, glycemic control and life-style related diseases.

(2/3) The other two articles of the thesis focus on maternal and offspring genetic effects, as well as the genetic determinants of glucose metabolism in pregant women. Moen as developed a freely available online tool called “The Maternal and Fetal Genetic Effects Power Calculator”.


(1) Moen, G. H., Qvigstad, E., Birkeland, K. I., Evans, D. M., & Sommer, C. (2018). Are serum concentrations of vitamin B-12 causally related to cardiometabolic risk factors and disease? A Mendelian randomization studyThe American journal of clinical nutrition108(2), 398-404.

(2) Moen, G. H., LeBlanc, M., Sommer, C., Prasad, R. B., Lekva, T., Normann, K. R., Qvigstad, E., Groop, L., Birkeland, K. I., Evans, D. M., & Frøslie, K. F. (2018). Genetic determinants of glucose levels in pregnancy: genetic risk scores analysis and GWAS in the Norwegian STORK cohortEuropean journal of endocrinology179(6), 363-372.

(3) Moen, G. H., Hemani, G., Warrington, N. M., & Evans, D. M. (2019). Calculating Power to Detect Maternal and Offspring Genetic Effects in Genetic Association StudiesBehavior genetics, 1-13.

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