Seminar: The Nordic Proteoglycan Meeting 2018

More than 50 participants – including almost 20 NORHEART members – took part in this lunch-to-lunch seminar in Oslo on May 15 and 16. The focus was on proteoglycans and extracellular matrix in health and disease, with the aim to bring together young and experienced researchers in the field.

The full program and all abstracts presented at the seminar can be found here.

Manuel Mayr (Kings College London, UK); The Extracellular Matrix Revisited: A Proteomics Approach

Mona Pedersen (Nofima, NO): Biomaterial and the use in tissue regeneration

Yoshi Itoh (University of Oxford, UK): MT1-MMP: an enzyme modulating and being modulated by cellular microenvironment.

Mingling at The Nordic Proteoglycan Meeting 2018 in Oslo.

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