Norwegian Health Organization and NORHEART establish partnership

NORHEART is entering the last year with funding from the Research Council of Norway, but the work of continuing and developing the PhD school has been going on for some time. In October, an important milestone of this work was reached.

“The Norwegian Health Association has supported Norwegian cardiovascular research since 1960. NORHEART, with its research school, is an important contribution to cardiac research. Our goal with a collaboration with NORHEART is to strengthen Norwegian cardiac research and bring together young research talents for increased efforts in the cardiovascular area where there are still unanswered questions and knowledge gaps”, says Secretary-General of the Norwegian Health  Association, Mina Gerhardsen.

“We are very pleased that the Norwegian Health Association wants us as a partner,” says Professor Kåre-Olav Stensløkken. He has led the work of taking NORHEART further together with the deputy head of NORHEART, Mathis Korseberg Stokke.

“This is a very good starting point for our further work, for the benefit of Norwegian cardiac research. We look forward to working further with the Norwegian Health Association “, says Stokke.

“This is a a clear sign that NORHEART is perceived as an important national organization,” says leader of NORHEART Geir Christensen.

The work is now continuing to lay down concrete plans for a long-term collaboration between the two organizations.

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