NORHEART announces workshop funds

NORHEART is happy to announce that we will fund thematically focused workshops within cardiology and cardiac research with NOK 50,000. The money will be freely available to the organizer.

The extended deadline for application to arrange a workshop is June 1st, 2020.  Interested applicants should apply directly by e-mail to Mathis K. Stokke, who could also be contacted for more information.

The workshops should be organized as mini-seminars covering limited, specific topics. A typical workshop could include a half-day program with one invited lecturer and 5-7 project presentations, with 20-50 participants. Similar workshops were previously arranged with great success by the Center for Heart Failure Research.

The short applications should include:

Prerequisites for funding:

The funds will be transferred when it can be confirmed that the invited speaker has accepted and the date for the workshop has been set. These things must be in place by August 1st, 2020. The workshop itself must be arranged by March 2021.


June 1st 2020: Application deadline
August 1st 2020: Deadline for confirmation of invited speaker and date of workshop
March 31st 2021: Last date to arrange workshop

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