The Nordic Proteoglycan Meeting 2018

This lunch-lunch seminar in Oslo focuses on proteoglycans and extracellular matrix in health and disease. The seminar aims to bring together young and experienced researchers in the field of proteoglycans and extracellular matrix.

The program will include sessions focusing on the biological role of specific proteoglycans and extracellular matrix proteins like metalloproteinases (MMPs). It will also include proteomic analyses of proteoglycans and extracellular matrix using different approaches, cell systems and disease models.

Download the program for the Nordic Proteoglycan Meeting 2018.

Confirmed speakers:
John Couchman (University of Copenhagen, DK)
Manuel Mayr (Kings College London, UK)
Dada Pisconti (University of Liverpool, UK)
Ann Canfield (University of Manchester, UK)
James Whiteford (Queen Mary University of London, UK)
Yoshi Itoh (University of Oxford, UK)
Marie Kveiborg (University of Copenhagen, DK)
Simon Glerup (Aarhus University, DK)
Katalin Dobra (Karolinska Institutet, SE)
Anders Aspberg (Lund University, SE)
Mona Pedersen (NOFIMA, NO)
Guillaume Jacquemet (University of Turku, FI)
Gunnar Pejler (Uppsala University, SE)
Gunnar Dick (University of Oslo, NO)

The number of participants is limited to 70. Registration deadline: April 10

The seminar venue is Thon Hotel Opera, which in walking distance from the Airport Train terminal at Oslo Central Train Station. The seminar is free of charge.

For room reservation, please contact +47 24 10 30 30 (Ref. number 25225493).

Contact Cathrine Rein Carlson for more information and registration.

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