Found several new interaction partners for syndecan-4 and -2 in the heart

Sabrina Bech Mathiesen has used a bottom-up approach to find and describe interaction partners for pro-cardiac remodelling syndecans expressed in the heart.


  1. Several new interaction partners of syndecan-4 and syndecan-2 in the heart are described.
  2. Syndecan-4 interacts with Muscle LIM protein, which shows altered binding following aortic banding.


Thesis: Exploring intracellular connections of syndecan-2 and -4 in the heart
Candidate: Sabrina Bech Mathiesen
Time: May 4, 2020 at 12:15
Place: Online-based solution, due to the covid-19 situation
Link to university website (in Norwegian)


(1) Mathiesen and colleagues found 21 novel interaction partners for syndecan-4 in the heart. Among these were the adaptor proteins α- and β-parvin. They also verified 41 out of 71 previously described interaction partners for syndecan-4.

Following pressure overload and heart failure due to aortic banding, the Muscle LIM protein and 18 other of the interaction partners showed an altered binding pattern. The Muscle LIM protein is known to affect gene transcripton during cardiac remodelling.

(2) The researchers also found and described 31 new interaction partners for the lesser known syndecan-2 in the heart. 9 out of 41 previously described partners were also found.


(1) Mathiesen, S. B., Lunde, M., Aronsen, J. M., Romaine, A., Kaupang, A., Martinsen, M., Souza, G. A., Nyman, T. A., Sjaastad, I., Christensen, G., & Carlson, C. R. (2019). The cardiac syndecan-4 interactome reveals a role for syndecan-4 in nuclear translocation of muscle LIM protein (MLP). Journal of Biological Chemistry294(22), 8717-8731.

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