Don’t miss: Cardiac Café at the CHFR Annual Symposium 2017

What is hot and new in cardiovascular research five years from now? How do you make others interested in your science? Find the answer to both questions at the Cardiac Café.

The Cardiac Café kicks off the 15th Annual CHFR Symposium on Heart Failure on Wednesday September 20th, 2017. The event starts at 17:30, and is specifically aimed at young researchers.

18:00: Future of cardiac research – opportunities for young researchers

What is hot and new in cardiovascular research five years from now? The answer to that question could boost any scientific career. Fortunately, there is one man who actually can look into the future. NORHEART and CHFR are proud to present Professor Calum MacRae at the Cardiac Café.

Professor MacRae was recently awarded 75 million US dollars to his research project One Brave Idea. The goal is to find a way to detect coronary heart disease decades before symptoms arise. Professor MacRae is chief of Cardiovascular Medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, MA, one of the core hospitals at Harvard Medical School (HMS). At the Cardiac Café, he will aim his presentation specifically at young researchers in the field of cardiology. With that in mind, we believe that everyone in NORHEART should look forward to this talk with great anticipation!

19:00: Monsters, monkeys and mass media – my story

How do you make others interested in your science? How do you communicate your results to your colleagues, friends, family, and the public? At the Cardiac Café, NORHEART and CHFR give you the opportunity to learn from one of the best.

In 2009, Professor Jørn Hurum caught the world’s attention with a 47-million-year-old primate skeleton named after his own daughter, saying it could be “The Missing Link”. Professor Hurum is famous for his research on dinosaurs and a profiled science communicator. He has been awarded the University of Oslo’s “Communication Award” twice, hosted TV and radio shows, and written several books. Few know better how to disseminate research results and make them appealing to the public. Certainly a good base for an interesting and inspiring talk!

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