Chicken peptides reduce inflammation in mice

Thomas Aquinas Aloysius‘ PhD thesis shows promising effects of chicken protein hydrolysates on inflammation, obesity and lipid levels in preclinical studies.


  1.  Chicken protein hydrolysates strongly reduces inflammation in obese mice.
  2. Chicken protein hydrolysates reduces cholesterol levels in atherosclerotic mice.
  3. A diet with chicken oil and chicken peptides could reduce body fat and increase fat burning.


Thesis: Chicken protein hydrolysates and chicken oil influence lipid metabolism and inflammation in relation to obesity and atherosclerosis
Candidate: Thomas Aquinas Aloysius
Time: September 13, 2019 at 11:15
Place: Haukeland University Hospital, Armauer Hansens Hus: Auditorium
Link to university website (in Norwegian)


(1) Chicken protein hydrolysates did not prevent increasing fasting glucose and insulin levels in mice fed a high-fat, high-sucrose diet. Feed intake, body weight and white adipose tissue depots were also similar to mice fed kasein instead of chicken protein. However, levels of several inflammatory cytokines were reduced with a diet containing chicken protein hydrolysates, indicating anti-inflammatory effects.

The mice in the study were split into four groups given chicken protein hydrolysates generated with different methods. Alcalase and Corolase PP chicken protein hydrolates seem to increase mitochondrial fatty acid β-oxidation, whereas no such effect was seen with hydrolysates grenerated with Papein+Bromelain or Protamex.

(2/3) Currently unpublished data from Aloysius’ PhD thesis shows that chicken protein hydrolysates could reduce cholesterol levels in mice with a genetic predisposition for atherosclerosis, compared to an unhealthy diet containing other protein sources. A diet containing chicken peptides and chicken oil also resulted in lower body weight while increasing fat burning.


(1) Aloysius, T., Carvajal, A., Slizyte, R., Skorve, J., Berge, R., & Bjørndal, B. (2019). Chicken Protein Hydrolysates Have Anti-Inflammatory Effects on High-Fat Diet Induced Obesity in MiceMedicines6(1), 5.

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