Travel and Exchange

The aim of the NORHEART exchange program is to tighten our national and international research networks and improve the overall quality of Norwegian PhD students within cardiovascular research. Research visits within Norway and abroad will be financially supported by NORHEART. The program includes funding of three different exchange modes: 

  1. Theoretically focused research visits:
    NORHEART supports short stays or courses for up to 1 week to promote exchange of students for in-depth discussion of issues of theoretical interest to their own projects.
  2. Methodologically focused research visits:
    NORHEART supports stays for up to 1 month to allow PhD students to travel between research institutions to learn new techniques and improve technical skills. Salary and expenses for equipment must be covered by the regular PhD grant of the student.
  3. Travel grants to school activities:
    A number of travel grants will be available for PhD students traveling to other parts of Norway to participate in activities organized by the school.

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Information about travel settlement 

Informasjon om utfylling av reiseregning


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